Monday, September 27, 2010

open house!!

last friday was a blast!!!
at first i thought that no body is coming.. haha
the first one to arrive was afiq, i picked him up at the train station..
we talked a lot in the car about his study plans..
i must say he was a very independent person.. admired it
well moving on, luqman arrived few minutes after that with his car..
blablablablabla (fast forward)
close to maghrib, mun and the gang arrived,
she drove her car, and kak andi, zol, and fahme as the passengers..
not long after that, another three cars arrived
ehsan, fazrin and ferman.. each with passengers..
can you imagine?! cos at first i thought only 10 of them are coming
well, i spoke too soon! haha
the last to come was safra and azzan.. thanks azzan for driving our mrs president..
well, we spoke a lot as if we havent met for years.. haha
thanks, you guys

dont worry for those who did not came, there will always be a next time!!


  1. next time, never underestimate ur friends...
    friends will always give u a lot of SURPRISES...!!!~

    by the way...
    thanks again for inviting us...
    thanks a lot to ur family...!!!~

  2. ur welcome dude!! wah terharu nye!!! (sambil nanges2).. :P