Saturday, July 31, 2010

volleyball tournament

this morning we participated in a tournament in TAR college...
it was like just two weeks since we gathered the team and practiced..
when we first look at the first match (between UCSI & TAR college),
sume da mule cuak.. diorg maen mcm lwn international...
msg2 rupe mcm bpk orang dah.. haha
when we looked at ourself, amateur gle..
but we tried..


we fought with UNIKL,
it was not a good start.. hehe
kalah terok gak ah..
something like 25 - 15


against HELP college,
at first we have a feeling that we can win the game
as we can see that they are not that good in spiking,
but we spoke too soon
they smashed us 25-10
haha... i can say that this match does not go very well because of us
of having lack of practice..
i was kinda disappointed actually for not doing my job as a Libero properly
going against IPB (i dunno watta hell is that)
anwar (captain of the team)
decided that for the last match,
is for fun..(actually we can already see whats infront of us that we will lose)
as usual, the first set is a lost
however, for the second set,
suprisingly, everybody seems like boosted up with energy
we played very well that we reached 24 (for the first time)
and we got a dues..
unfortunately, we lost....................again

haha......... its a great experience although we had lost all of the games
we had fun, and i learned to be a good Libero in the volleyball team...

thanks to the players, anwar, ayie, panjang, ery, datok, kuza, ammar, azan, zain, wan n jj...
and to our manager, andi...

~appreciated our effort..~

Sunday, July 25, 2010

a cold holiday!!

last saturday, we went to the Fraser's Hill,
we had a great time there.. haha

firstly, as we arrived,
we were delighted
that the renovation that they had done to that place has finally give to an end..
the are many restaurants.... byk choices of foods... (ade akak cantek jual nasi kerabu, hehe)
haha... best gile...
we did several activities together.. like, mini golf, archery, boating and lots2 of picture taking...
and i even got a pair of crocs, my very first one... hehe
we went there for only two days, that is why we crammed every thing.. haha
we prefer Fraser's Hill rather than Cameron's because we are closer to the nature..
pagi2 dah bekabos.. there are even these few funny names of the jalan2 there..
like, JALAN LURAH... i was like, "erk????"
and jalan Lady guillemard, sounds more like 'Gelimat' to me.. haha

on the day we went back,
as we reached kuale kubu bharu,
we realized that,

~mmg best lah~

Monday, July 19, 2010


its been a while~

there's few friends noticed that i haven't updated my blog for quite some times..
huhu, sorry..

ok2, heres the story,
this coming 30th of July, there will be a tournament for university students in TAR college
and i, with full hearted, wanted to fight for our college, in volley ball!!!
haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! (semangat lebey)

so petang tadi was our first training
haha, Alhamdulillah it went well....
sempot coz it has been like, 3 years i havent played volley ball..
well, InysaAllah, i can see that our team has what it takes to be the champion!!

wish us luck peeps!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

darn you syaitan!!

Wake up for Fajr Salaah

A man woke up early in order to Pray the Fajr Prayer in the masjid.

He got dressed, made his ablution and was on his way to the masjid.

On his way to the masjid, the man fell and his clothes got dirty.

He got up, brushed himself off, and headed home. At home,

He changed His Clothes, made his ablution, and was, again,

on his way to the masjid.

On his way to the masjid, He Fell again and at the Same Spot!

He, again, got up, brushed himself off and headed home.

At home he, once again, Changed His Clothes,

made his ablution and was on his way to the masjid.

On his way to the masjid, He Met a Man Holding a Lamp.

He asked the man of his identity and the man replied 'I Saw You Fall Twice

on your way to the masjid,

So I Brought a Lamp so I can Light Your Way.'

The first man thanked him profusively and the

two were on their way to the masjid.

Once at the masjid, the first man asked the man with

the lamp to come in and pray Fajr with him.

The second man refused.

The first man asked him a couple more times and,

again, the answer was the same.

The first man asked him why he did not wish to come in and pray.

He man replied

I am Shetaan(devil/ evil)

The man was shocked at this reply.

Shetan went on to explain,

'I saw you on your way to the masjid

and it was I who made you fall. When you went home,

cleaned yourself and went back on your way to the masjid,

Allah forgave all of your sins.

I made you fall a second time, and even that

did not encourage you to stay home,

but rather, you went back on your way to the masjid.

Because of that, Allah forgave all the sins

of the people of your household .

I was AFRAID if i made you fall one more time,

then Allah will forgive the sins of the people of your village,

so I made sure that you reached the masjid safely..'

So do not let Shetan benefit from his actions.

Do not put off a good that you intended to do as

you never know how much reward

you might receive from the hardships you encounter

while trying to achieve that good..

If forwarding this message will bother you, or take

too much time from you, then don't do it, but you will not

get the reward of it, which is great.. Imagine,

that when you forward this, you receive 240 good deeds,

and so will I for sending it to you! Wouldn't it be easy just to

Press Forward ' and receive this Reward?

May Allah (Subhana Ho Wataallah) grant us perfect Muslim Heart n we

all do Prayers with our Heart and Soul...

.............. .......... ......Ameen

new highest score!!

i just loved to play bowling... haha

my previous highest score when i use home ball,
it was 157....
fuh! tu pon dah kire hebat la tuh..
so after i bought a ball from fazrin,
it helped me a lot in learning new ways of bowling..

after several practices, it really paid up

today, i played bowling with fazrin in sunway piramid mega lanes,
in the first three games, teghok gile.. ahhaha
it was 101, 93, and 148...
but when it comes to the last game, i dunno,
somehow, i felt it, it was the strike syndrom.. haha
strikes after strikes, spare after spare,


i got 203..
haha... bukan la 300...
not yet..

but its my first 200 ever..
next target 250..


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

praised!! :D

you know this feeling,
when somebody that you know
said something good and extraordinary about you
that even you yourself dont know that its actually inside you
and she sees it as a third party
*means not when were having conversations or what*
and she said it to the people that you barely know.. haha

the story is like this,
Pn Yanti,
explained about the characteristics of her SRC members,
to the newly registered juniors,
and when she explains about me,
i thought she would say, "he is a very outgoing, joyful, and full of laughter kind of guy"

but what came out of her mouth was,

"ok, this is Aidil, my very handsome gentlemen, a cool guy, always thinking out of the box, full of surprises, kinda strict and when he says JUMP! you have to jump"

when kak andi told me about that, i went gaga
hahaha... i was like, "what?! betol ke??"
she sees me from the other perspective, other than just my laughter.. haha
so, i thought, from my point of view for myself, i think im just a simple guy and only knows how to be joyfull.
but maybe i was wrong, and ill conclude that,

.........other persons view towards us, shows the real you........

Monday, July 12, 2010

~berkat puase~

yesterday in organic chemistry class,

theres this girl, melor, saying that she wants me to have something from her, a chocolate
but after the short rest, she said that that thing was already been taken,
hahaha... then i saw baqir and the gang were eating chocolate,
i thought to myself, i think thats the thing that she wanna give me,
well never mind.. haha
no offence
when the class started back, she was passing through,
i said, "weh perfume ko baw vanilla ke? siot, aku dah la tgh puase.,"
and she was like, "aawwww, yeke??
isshh, aku rase nak bg jgk la kt ko something, nnt yeh?"
i was like paying attention to the presentation given by my friends,
then theres this wrapping-in-A4 thing was passed to me from the back
it says, 'aidil, selamat berbuke:)'
theres anothr chocolate inside
awww!! i was like, thank you so much, although ive been knowing her for like a month... haha

~well, thats a good example of a caring friend~

Thursday, July 8, 2010

you know lately, stress has surrounded me....
homework yg kian menimbon
lots of tests coming....

and lots and lots of controversy..
well, actually thats the main topic here.. hmm

recently, many fights are going on,
i mean not like boxing or silat or what not,
its this person to person, or group to group fights..
and its all because of misunderstandings.. *sigh*
and you know what,
sometimes its really hard for me to be the neutral part of this hustle and bustles..
being in the middle, listening to this side points of views, the other side's views,
both are sometimes right and both are wrong..
pening pale weyh
as i said before its all about misunderstandings....
the end of the day, org yg tengah ni yg pengsan.. huhu

you know what, lets just forget these things,
we are friends, and we should do what friends do to compliment each other
im a very joyful guy before, but after this 'chaos',
it turns me into horrible person you dont even want to get near to..
i dont want to be that guy..please
and i dont want people to hate me...

well, i just need to let go of these stuffs,
we'll get these things over with


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

homework yg kian menimbon!!

tension gile.......
ok, these are the list of homeworks to be done:

lab report organic chemistry 2
essay for TH about Vietnamese war
organic chemistry 2 tutorial
article review for microeconomy
applied microbiology tutorial

tests next week:
organic chemistry 2
applied microbiology

the problem is, SUME BENDE MINGGU DEPAN DUE!!!
~and im still sitting here doing nothing~

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


sweet gile

semalam mase jln2 kt midvalley,
sementare tgh tggu kwn2 ku msk ke kedai2,
i saw many couples,
ntah la,
mcm dorg sweet gile with each other..
just thought of how wonderfully people end up with someone,
sries tesenyum mase tgk dorg happy.. haha
hmmm... will i ever have that phase?
i will, but just........
just waiting for mrs right


jalan2 kat midvalley

yesterday, me, afiq, ferman and intan went to midvalley megamall..
best!! setelah brape lame x g jalan2.. haha

ketinggalan byk movies:

nanny mc fee
clash of the titans
toy story 3
the a-team
nightmare in elm street
sex and the city2
ip man

yesterday, thought of watching cinema,
tp sume x kene waktu...
byk yg stat pkl 9(sebenanye bole je tgk, tp ade anak dare sorg tu, x bleh blk lmbt)
and ade yg stat pkl 7, langga wktu magrib..
haih... melepas lg..
last2 g jalan2 amek2 gamba.. haha..
those laughters we had yesterday blew all of my tense away.. huhu
ktrg cari baju grand annual dinner..
mcm2 dlm kepale tgh design ape nk pkai nnt.. huhu
masalah nye skrg, BILE NK DAPT DUET MOF NEH!!!!

penat tp best... blk pukol 10.30

Sunday, July 4, 2010

~iN lOve~

td mase tgh tggu fazrin dkt petronas dpn TPM,
thought of eating chachos for dinner...
i bought one, then, as i open the packet,

im in love!!

haha pelek je.. haha..
but sedap giler!!

walaupon org ckp jgn mkn byk bende alah neh, tp kesah plak aku!!
lantak lah obes ke x, aslkan aku dpt enjoy hidop dgn mkn bende neh
.... fuh, kenyang....

fazrin pon smpai, "jom g makan dinner, aku blanje"

LAPA balek ha!! hahaha