Monday, March 7, 2011

what i have missed :(

i missed the evenings when i have time to play volleyball,
i missed the times when i got to go with my friends playing bowling,
i missed the times when i felt freely to go out with my friends,
i missed the times when we can have breakfast together,
i missed the happy lunch,
i missed my times when i can focus on my homework,
i missed my free times to watch movies without any curfews,
i missed my times with my family without have to think about works,
i missed my friends before they changed,
i missed the times when we can hang out until late at night freely,
i missed the times when we laughed together for the silly jokes we made,
i missed my laughters,
i even missed my smile.....

you know what i have missed the most?


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


blog dah brabok~!!

fush2 (tgh kibas2)

well, theres too much to be talked about.. haha
all i can say that it has been a very busy start for 2011..
the sports, the hanging outs and the hardest part was the works

i have been enjoying the sports especially our thursday night event
which is playing badminton in endah parade court..
seriously, i got muscle aches all over my body.. haha
in the up coming E-Day Carnival, i was selected to hold the position of the...... of the....
*forgot my post's name.. haha
but all i have to do is to lead the technical groups..
but as day passes, i can say that my works are drifting away from my job scopes
which end up i am doing other people's task.. that is soooo not fair!
just because you are not capable of doing your job,
that dosen't mean that others have to jump in to back you up..
you as an adult must think of how you should solve your problems ok!
me myself dont know how to handle technical stuffs.. soo not me.. but i blaja ok
from now on, i am only going to focus on my job scopes.. THAT AND ONLY THAT
because PBM, bowling, studies and my friends will be needing me..
i cannot devote myself just to do YOUR works..
and you know what else needs me? something called LIFE

well, you guys can see how tense and how i have started my year wrongly.. haha

*ntah bile lagi ntah