Monday, June 28, 2010



we had our reunion after dah 4 tahun x jumpe
msg2 dah laen..
thanks to my dearest sister to drive me there..(although we arrive a bit late)

well, every body was like,

"bapak tinggi ko del!"

and the girls was like, "ko makan ape dow smpai jd besa cmneh??"

well i have to admit that THANK GOD nobody said the 'G' word.. haha.. u know..
we had like this luxurious foods made by my mama homeroom.. haha
cakes, nasi n lauk2, lasagna, desserts etc...
we didnt pay much attention to the foods but we did a lot of talking.. mama also asked us to introduce and get to know the juniors (new homeroom members from form one).. they also came
segan.. haha...
after i said, " i am studying in TPM", everybody was like, WHAA??
i had to add, "its in bkt jalil",
they said "owh......................... well, i was saying......"
it happens all the time.. huhu..
i had to highlight, "well ill fly to California, 2011"..(dlm hati, Insyaallah)
br dpt catch attention.. haha

well, ape2 pon, sgt best, puas stelah x dpt jumpe dorg for 4 years..

~hope there will be more of these stuffs, in the future~

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

my inspiration~

dear shalin zulkifli,

i adore the way you bowl..
i started to like bowling partly because of you..
you make Malaysia proud
by winning almost every game that you have played.
you have certainly made Malaysia to be recognized by other countries,
along with the others.

~ your my inspiration~

haha.... ok, this is the first poem i have ever made for a women.. haha
so, ive said that i love bowling right?
humm.. thinking of buying a ball...
trying to be good in this, still.. haha

at last!!

at last!!
dapat gak upload..
well enjoy~

cantek bukan?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My first Glass!!


well this is the first time where i got this FIFA glass thingy..
i wanna show the glass to you guys, but theres something
wrong with this effing.........
well i dont know what went wrong
i just cant upload..

but never mind,
just a little feel of uneasy actualy
thinking of how to bring this thing back home
as you know my parents
kinda not letting me have anything to do with MCD...
because of this boycots going on..
hmm, sorry abah umi,

i have disobeyed you~


rancak pulak aku ber-blogging mlm neh.. dah3
nak tido
esk ade meeting club bowling...
kene jd chair person plak tuh... dah3.
bye!! assalamualaikum
may Allah always be with us~ amin

aku kaya~!!

bile dah dapat MOF nnt (which i dunno when)

denga2 cite dapat sedepok 8 k.. hehe
well, when i heard the total amount, i started to make a list..

  • perfume Dunhill Desire Blue
  • bowling ball (brunswick avalanche solid)
  • bowling bag
  • bag to go to classes
  • kaspersky internet security 2010
  • new clothes
  • buy jeans
  • lots and lots of chocolate
  • makan besar
  • full pay for all college fees
  • treat my friends*
  • give a thousand or two to beloved kakak*
  • pergi Haji dengan family#
  • buat downpayment utk krete snirik #
  • buy slimming machines #
  • cadangan parents, "simpan duet tuh, boleh la gune duet tu mase pegi US nnt, kitorg xde nk bg duet blanje de, jgn la habiskan, igt, mulot kitorg ni masen"... ok, abah umi.... ~~

* still under consideration

please, let the imagination become a reality

Face Book~

prasan x lately,
Face book dah maken bosan...
ntah nape tah
n lately, i kept on waiting for the notification to show that tiny red thingy with the numbers.. haha
sometimes buat status, sket je frens yg comment ttg status, yg laen tu dah mule merapu,
lari tajok.. haha
tu la ttbe aktif blog neh.. hehe..
haaa~ bosan aa
tido la

setelah berkurun lamenye~

(this is what happens when FB dah mule bosan)
berabok suda blog ku..

byk bende yg belaku sem neh... br stat sem da byk cite....
SRC or MPP dah mule byk keje..
tp i have to admit it that we are getting closer..
mcm family dah~ aaaawwww
a few gado2... well thats normal dlm keje kan.. hehe
byk chores yg dah successfully done... itu pon sbb pn yanti (head of students department)
kate nk bt follow up.. beterabo bdk2 SRC g siap kn keje.. haha

alhamdulillah stakat ni homework x byk lg...
msk kelas sume br nk blaja intro.. perrgh bosan
we have this 'national gathering of hard subjects day' on monday. a MAJOR MIND BLOWING!!
Mr lim chee siong, please slow down a bit... your moving way faster then my brain could go..
wish i could say that to him~

i have to say that i love my friends...
they sort of like cheering me up in any way especially when im down, or tired of doing chores.... thanks you guys...

mcm kekok sket la tulis blog neh... sorry
hehe....... wait for my next update ya?
(which will be when?? maybe a decade perhaps)