Monday, September 27, 2010

open house!!

last friday was a blast!!!
at first i thought that no body is coming.. haha
the first one to arrive was afiq, i picked him up at the train station..
we talked a lot in the car about his study plans..
i must say he was a very independent person.. admired it
well moving on, luqman arrived few minutes after that with his car..
blablablablabla (fast forward)
close to maghrib, mun and the gang arrived,
she drove her car, and kak andi, zol, and fahme as the passengers..
not long after that, another three cars arrived
ehsan, fazrin and ferman.. each with passengers..
can you imagine?! cos at first i thought only 10 of them are coming
well, i spoke too soon! haha
the last to come was safra and azzan.. thanks azzan for driving our mrs president..
well, we spoke a lot as if we havent met for years.. haha
thanks, you guys

dont worry for those who did not came, there will always be a next time!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

bowling tournament

haaah.. its been a while peeps!!
sorry... but i must say that there is no time for me to update..
well, many wonderful things happened this two weeks..
let me start with last week's activity..

it is supposed to be our revision week,
but you know students,
taking for granted.. haha
i have participated in the bowling tournament
my team mates were zakwan and elfha..
i was so dissapointed to get rather low game points..
but thank god zakwan and elfha backed me up
and put our self in the fourth place!!
but i must say that my coach, fazrin, is really disappointed.. hahaha
he even said that there will be another tournament coming up next semester!!
wait for us and dont forget to join!!
isyaAllah i'll do my best

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

~slamat hari raye~

first of all i can say that this year's celebration was better then what we had last year

last year's preparation was a disaster
TPM gave us a short period holiday for us to prepare for hari raye..
so, at last, i dont have any baju raye.. haha
x sempat nk beli..
all i can wear on hari raye was my jubah that i wore in Mekkah
(haa~ rindu sangat2 kat tanah harram)
as usual, we will celebrate our raye in semabok melake..
and i have to admit that
our raye without our beloved baba
was sooooo glooomy~~~
in the morning, we will place ourselves at the main dining table
and eat all we can..
without having the sensual of a grandma
hu~ cedeh
well, life must go on... we tried to do things that is fun
so that we wont have to mourn towards her(baba) absence..
may Allah always be with you baba!!!

well, this year:
i have my baju raye
a pair of capal
butang yg sgt meghelit
rumah n bilik yg sgt cantek
ha~ god im blessed

all i can say that, it is well prepared
umi even sempat bt rendang
wooot wooooott!! lapa

haha.... to all my friends,
forgive my mistakes k!

*asal xleh upload gamba!!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

~uneasy feeling?

have you ever had an uneasy feeling ?

i am having those uneasy feeling lately..
i felt like death is upon me...
i dont know, maybe it is just a regular uneasy feeling of mine,
but, what if i was wrong?
maybe it really is a sign from Allah
just to get me ready(bertaubat and stop committing sins)
and ready for the after life in kubur..
sometimes i'm scared to do everything...
to travel is one thing..
watching all the accidents happened nowadays,
makes me feel very scared..
and, ive been posting 'touching' things lately...
that was a sign of my uneasy feeling...

yesterday, while teraweh, i have this feeling of making a will for my family
and i snapped out of that random thought of mine
i was like, "what is that for?? i dont need that.. as if like im going to die soon.."
then my inner thought came to voice out, "maybe you'll need it"
after that inner conversations,
i kept thinking............................
what and why
are these thoughts is in my head?!!

~im just scared~

well, you guys are responsible
to make sure that i'll stop doing anything wrong
and going to the right way

Thursday, September 2, 2010

~endless friendships~

i would like to apologize for everything that i have ever done,
within or expressed,
you know that it was never in my heart to hurt you,
and when you are in frown and down,
i wish that i could be there for you,

i always been thinking,
how are we going to be
when its time to say goodbye?
*i wish we will never have to
i just........ don't want to lose you guys

i'm scared,
that when we go for holidays,
we cannot wait to go back to meet our friends,
imagine their faces, their laughters, and, and jokes

but.......... what if................

we got back and found out that they have gone forever?!
the friendship in you will burst into clusters of dust
will they still be here when we get back??
every memories we have done together,
it will only going to remain as memories
~and i'm sure, its an unforgettable ones~

You've been a true friend
I hope you stay
I would be so very empty
If you ever went away

of all the friends i've ever met, you are the one ill never forget,
and if i die, before you do,
ill go to heaven, and wait for you,
and even if i have to bring the angels their wings back,
risking the loss of everything,
just to prove that my friendship is true,
to have a friend like you!

i would you to know that
you are the best friend i have ever had

~wish we will have an endless friendship~