Friday, August 12, 2011

nasyid melayu

and salam ramadhan al-mubarak
may the bless is with you

nasyid melayu needs a serious change..
not that i am criticizing,
people always said that i should support malaysian products..
but its not that..
im doing this just to see our nasyid songs being played by random people
regardless of their race or even the strength of their religious belief..

when you actually use the same beat for every song,
dont you sometimes get bored?
malaysian nasyid as if like they have this standard style of making songs
or even ran out of ideas
when you are listening to radio, you will know that that nasyid is ours
not in a good way but the bad way
i was listening to IKIM the other day
when i found myself thinking,
"owh, and you think people will embrace Islam with these kind of songs?"

actually, there are people out there who really liked the nasyids
but they are the groups of religious people
okay, let us get back to the square one shall we
what is the purpose of nasyid again??
nasyid is a dakwah in the form of music

the goal is to spread the dakwah to the random people
how can you possibly spread them if only the same group of people are listening to these kind of songs.. they are already religious, and you intend to flow the dakwah to them??
our main intention is to flow the dakwah to the people who are already a bit off track
do you know what i mean?
they are the ones who desperately need something as guidance
well, at least a bit of guidance from the songs

the other day, i saw this blond girl in a shopping mall,
wearing tight pants and a bit of "airy" on the top
suddenly her phone rang
you know what i heard?
her ringtone was InsyaAllah by maher zain..
you see,
once she liked listening to that kind of songs,
day by day, InsyaAllah
she'll find her way
and the dakwah is sent slowly

look at maher zain's songs
even the non muslims are listening to his songs..
i admit, even i have his album..
and I never had any albums of malaysian nasyids

my advise,
when you are aiming for the teenagers
study them
you dont give them songs they dont like to listen to
that is defeating the purpose of dakwah
its like giving Whitney Houston's track to the System of a Down's fans

just saying what's in my heart
maybe its time to make a change
as our community nowadays have been in a critical condition
and its not getting better each day

may Allah bless you guys!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

if blogs are like a house, this would how my 'house' looks like
well a very good day~!
this is my first entry after i can say half of a year not touching blogspot..
i dont know, the mood just started to come back like there was
a light coming from the sky, or
a stone thrown directly at me saying,
"hey, get your fat ass straight and continue writing your ancient blog!!"

there's many, like MANY things happened these past few months.. like HUGE things happened... i can tell every single one of them but i'm afraid that my cute fingers won't be at the same beat as my thoughts are running.. but, i wanna give you a head's up of what major things happened.. ;)

one of the MOST interesting thing happened was.......

wait for it...........



well, my studies here in malaysia has came to an end..
now its time for me to move on
finishing my Biotech course, i have to continue my study there..
and praise the almighty,
MARA suddenly decided to be a very good kitty by lending us a few bucks..
not much, only RM 322 k
people might think that we are going to have plenty of money to be spent,

but NO

i have to cut the steam (potong stim??)

20 k is going to be for the beds and chlorine for the swimming pool,
30 k is for the chalks for the blackboard,
20 k is for the gas and the sandwiches for the bus driver..
and few other stuffs..

US, from what i heard, is kinda wild
so, what to do, just get hold of your iman,
dont give in to syaitan
just dont do anything crazy
and try to be good
because the last time i went overseas is with my family
and to Mekkah!!
what could be any dangerous then few beggars trying to chase you for a lunch??
and most importantly, no homesick please!!
i'll try my best

lots and lots of works to be done
before i can enjoy the sweet smell of Hollywood
(which is just 20 minutes from our place)
and i'm so gonna get a car there.. woohoo.

okay, lots of excitement to handle before i can actually set foot there

Monday, March 7, 2011

what i have missed :(

i missed the evenings when i have time to play volleyball,
i missed the times when i got to go with my friends playing bowling,
i missed the times when i felt freely to go out with my friends,
i missed the times when we can have breakfast together,
i missed the happy lunch,
i missed my times when i can focus on my homework,
i missed my free times to watch movies without any curfews,
i missed my times with my family without have to think about works,
i missed my friends before they changed,
i missed the times when we can hang out until late at night freely,
i missed the times when we laughed together for the silly jokes we made,
i missed my laughters,
i even missed my smile.....

you know what i have missed the most?


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


blog dah brabok~!!

fush2 (tgh kibas2)

well, theres too much to be talked about.. haha
all i can say that it has been a very busy start for 2011..
the sports, the hanging outs and the hardest part was the works

i have been enjoying the sports especially our thursday night event
which is playing badminton in endah parade court..
seriously, i got muscle aches all over my body.. haha
in the up coming E-Day Carnival, i was selected to hold the position of the...... of the....
*forgot my post's name.. haha
but all i have to do is to lead the technical groups..
but as day passes, i can say that my works are drifting away from my job scopes
which end up i am doing other people's task.. that is soooo not fair!
just because you are not capable of doing your job,
that dosen't mean that others have to jump in to back you up..
you as an adult must think of how you should solve your problems ok!
me myself dont know how to handle technical stuffs.. soo not me.. but i blaja ok
from now on, i am only going to focus on my job scopes.. THAT AND ONLY THAT
because PBM, bowling, studies and my friends will be needing me..
i cannot devote myself just to do YOUR works..
and you know what else needs me? something called LIFE

well, you guys can see how tense and how i have started my year wrongly.. haha

*ntah bile lagi ntah

Monday, October 18, 2010

the most noble

i have a tazkirah i want to share with you guys.. enjoy~

nabi Muhammad SAW was sitting with his companions (sahabat2)
when he suddenly asked them, "who do you think in this world are the most noble?"
he asked softly.
then one of them answered, "i think the angels are the most noble creature"
Rasulullah giggled... he continued, "ofcourse they are noble as they perform only what Allah told them to do, and they praised Allah every second, but there is a more noble creature"
Rasulullah's companions kept thinking hard to figure out the question.
then, pop another answer amongst them, "i think, the prophets are the most noble"
Rasulullah just smiled.. "the prophets are noble as we spread Islam as Allah told us to do so"
he continued, "but there is a more noble creature in this world"
a man quickly replied, "are we (the companions) the most noble creature ya Rasulullah?"
He then smiled broadly, "of course my companions are noble as you helped me a lot and be with me when burden strikes... but still, there is a more noble creature in this world"
the companions seems puzzled and looked like they have gave up trying to figure out the question.

Then, Rasulullah looked down and cried..........
"why ya Rasulullah?", his companion asked
he replied, "the most noble creature in this world would be........ the ones who were born without me, fated not to have the opportunity to look at me, not with me to receive my words, but still, they have faith in Allah"

subahanallah.... teringin nak jumpe Rasulullah~
who he ment was us (umat akhir zaman)
i love you Ya Rasulullah!!!!
we will meet in heaven insyaAllah

touching lyric

this lyric really touches me..

supplication by sami yusuf

Oh My Lord,
My sins are like
The highest mountain;
My good deeds
Are very few
They’re like a small pebble.
I turn to You
My heart full of shame,
My eyes full of tears.
Bestow Your
Forgiveness and Mercy
Upon me.
Ya Allah,
Send your peace and blessings
On the Final Prophet,
And his family,
And companions,
And those who follow him.

i have a tazkirah i want to share with you guys.. enjoy~

nabi Muhammad was sitting with his companions (sahabat2)
when he suddenly asked them, "who do you think in this world are the most noble?"
he asked softly.
then one of them answered, "i think the angels are the most noble creature"
Rasulullah giggled... he continued, "ofcourse they are noble as they perform only

Monday, September 27, 2010

open house!!

last friday was a blast!!!
at first i thought that no body is coming.. haha
the first one to arrive was afiq, i picked him up at the train station..
we talked a lot in the car about his study plans..
i must say he was a very independent person.. admired it
well moving on, luqman arrived few minutes after that with his car..
blablablablabla (fast forward)
close to maghrib, mun and the gang arrived,
she drove her car, and kak andi, zol, and fahme as the passengers..
not long after that, another three cars arrived
ehsan, fazrin and ferman.. each with passengers..
can you imagine?! cos at first i thought only 10 of them are coming
well, i spoke too soon! haha
the last to come was safra and azzan.. thanks azzan for driving our mrs president..
well, we spoke a lot as if we havent met for years.. haha
thanks, you guys

dont worry for those who did not came, there will always be a next time!!