Friday, August 12, 2011

nasyid melayu

and salam ramadhan al-mubarak
may the bless is with you

nasyid melayu needs a serious change..
not that i am criticizing,
people always said that i should support malaysian products..
but its not that..
im doing this just to see our nasyid songs being played by random people
regardless of their race or even the strength of their religious belief..

when you actually use the same beat for every song,
dont you sometimes get bored?
malaysian nasyid as if like they have this standard style of making songs
or even ran out of ideas
when you are listening to radio, you will know that that nasyid is ours
not in a good way but the bad way
i was listening to IKIM the other day
when i found myself thinking,
"owh, and you think people will embrace Islam with these kind of songs?"

actually, there are people out there who really liked the nasyids
but they are the groups of religious people
okay, let us get back to the square one shall we
what is the purpose of nasyid again??
nasyid is a dakwah in the form of music

the goal is to spread the dakwah to the random people
how can you possibly spread them if only the same group of people are listening to these kind of songs.. they are already religious, and you intend to flow the dakwah to them??
our main intention is to flow the dakwah to the people who are already a bit off track
do you know what i mean?
they are the ones who desperately need something as guidance
well, at least a bit of guidance from the songs

the other day, i saw this blond girl in a shopping mall,
wearing tight pants and a bit of "airy" on the top
suddenly her phone rang
you know what i heard?
her ringtone was InsyaAllah by maher zain..
you see,
once she liked listening to that kind of songs,
day by day, InsyaAllah
she'll find her way
and the dakwah is sent slowly

look at maher zain's songs
even the non muslims are listening to his songs..
i admit, even i have his album..
and I never had any albums of malaysian nasyids

my advise,
when you are aiming for the teenagers
study them
you dont give them songs they dont like to listen to
that is defeating the purpose of dakwah
its like giving Whitney Houston's track to the System of a Down's fans

just saying what's in my heart
maybe its time to make a change
as our community nowadays have been in a critical condition
and its not getting better each day

may Allah bless you guys!!

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