Tuesday, August 9, 2011

if blogs are like a house, this would how my 'house' looks like
well a very good day~!
this is my first entry after i can say half of a year not touching blogspot..
i dont know, the mood just started to come back like there was
a light coming from the sky, or
a stone thrown directly at me saying,
"hey, get your fat ass straight and continue writing your ancient blog!!"

there's many, like MANY things happened these past few months.. like HUGE things happened... i can tell every single one of them but i'm afraid that my cute fingers won't be at the same beat as my thoughts are running.. but, i wanna give you a head's up of what major things happened.. ;)

one of the MOST interesting thing happened was.......

wait for it...........



well, my studies here in malaysia has came to an end..
now its time for me to move on
finishing my Biotech course, i have to continue my study there..
and praise the almighty,
MARA suddenly decided to be a very good kitty by lending us a few bucks..
not much, only RM 322 k
people might think that we are going to have plenty of money to be spent,

but NO

i have to cut the steam (potong stim??)

20 k is going to be for the beds and chlorine for the swimming pool,
30 k is for the chalks for the blackboard,
20 k is for the gas and the sandwiches for the bus driver..
and few other stuffs..

US, from what i heard, is kinda wild
so, what to do, just get hold of your iman,
dont give in to syaitan
just dont do anything crazy
and try to be good
because the last time i went overseas is with my family
and to Mekkah!!
what could be any dangerous then few beggars trying to chase you for a lunch??
and most importantly, no homesick please!!
i'll try my best

lots and lots of works to be done
before i can enjoy the sweet smell of Hollywood
(which is just 20 minutes from our place)
and i'm so gonna get a car there.. woohoo.

okay, lots of excitement to handle before i can actually set foot there


  1. hidup lagi rupenye blog nie. hahaha

  2. tggu ktorg dtg...ktorg nak p tour satu dunia ni...make sure ada kete, bwk ktorg jalan2 yeee...anyway, take a gud care there...!!!~