Monday, October 18, 2010

the most noble

i have a tazkirah i want to share with you guys.. enjoy~

nabi Muhammad SAW was sitting with his companions (sahabat2)
when he suddenly asked them, "who do you think in this world are the most noble?"
he asked softly.
then one of them answered, "i think the angels are the most noble creature"
Rasulullah giggled... he continued, "ofcourse they are noble as they perform only what Allah told them to do, and they praised Allah every second, but there is a more noble creature"
Rasulullah's companions kept thinking hard to figure out the question.
then, pop another answer amongst them, "i think, the prophets are the most noble"
Rasulullah just smiled.. "the prophets are noble as we spread Islam as Allah told us to do so"
he continued, "but there is a more noble creature in this world"
a man quickly replied, "are we (the companions) the most noble creature ya Rasulullah?"
He then smiled broadly, "of course my companions are noble as you helped me a lot and be with me when burden strikes... but still, there is a more noble creature in this world"
the companions seems puzzled and looked like they have gave up trying to figure out the question.

Then, Rasulullah looked down and cried..........
"why ya Rasulullah?", his companion asked
he replied, "the most noble creature in this world would be........ the ones who were born without me, fated not to have the opportunity to look at me, not with me to receive my words, but still, they have faith in Allah"

subahanallah.... teringin nak jumpe Rasulullah~
who he ment was us (umat akhir zaman)
i love you Ya Rasulullah!!!!
we will meet in heaven insyaAllah


  1. subhanallah...
    teruskan berselawat ke atas baginda..
    setiap jiwa pasti merintih hiba menantikan saatnya berjumpa RASULULLAH..
    kita umat y dimaksudkan tu...insyaALLAH..

  2. Subhanallah..sayu bila mengenangkan pengorbanan baginda terhadap kita..
    supaya rasa cinta terhadap baginda Nabi akan memasukkan kita ke syurga...insyaAllah..
    "seseorang itu akan bersama2 di akhirat dengan orang yg dicintainya"(Al-Hadith as-Sahih)

    Allahumma salli 'ala Muhammad wa 'ala ali muhammad..